A visual study tool to prepare you for big coding interviews.


The Coder's Coloring Book helps you remember all the data structures and algorithms you need – by coloring them in.

I loved the coloring pages and thought they were very helpful. It very much helps for a step-by-step visualization of the process.
— Hunter Ogg, Beta Tester
Your coloring pages so far are a nice addition to go along with ‘Cracking the Coding Interview’.
— Juri Baker, Beta Tester
I really like how it is such a different approach to any textbook or class I’ve had before.
— Conor Spilsbury, Beta Tester
Reading page after page on wikipedia or sitting through a youtube video that takes an hour to explain the basic stuff is hard. I’ve always found it easier to draw things out.
— Donal Johny, Beta Tester

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