You’re struggling to remember algorithms because you can't visualize them.


✔️ You've read the 300-page Computer Science textbook.
✔️ You've watched YouTube videos about every data structure.
✔️ You've even taken notes on the big O costs of every algorithm.
🚫 But you still have a hard time keeping it all in your head.

Why is it not sticking?

The truth is that reading about a complex topic doesn't help you recall it very well. The same goes for watching videos. You can't learn to swim by watching someone else do it. And like swimming, visualizing algorithms takes hands-on practice.

For something to become intuitive it needs to be you doing the work.

This is called active recall learning. Its more effective than passive review (reading) so you don’t have to grind through tons of material. Because studying for your programming interview shouldn't be a grind. It should be methodical. Effective. Enjoyable.

The Coder’s Coloring Book is a hands-on approach to studying data structures and algorithms. It’s a physical workbook for you to slowly, purposefully commit the fundamentals to memory by coloring them.

Join me and thousands of coders who are studying algorithms and actually enjoying it.